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We would like to assure our customers that we take security and privacy seriously and take this opportunity to explain to you what we mean by this.


The issue of security as it relates to your usage of this site is primarily concerned with the handling of credit card payments. We guarantee the safety of your credit card details by strict compliance with industry standards. In practical terms:

  1. Our "check out" page is served via a secure server that establishes a secure channel between itself and your browser over which all data is encrypted.

  2. Credit card numbers are never stored in plain text on any of our systems but are always encrypted such as to make them secure from unauthorized access.

  3. Once it is determined that your credit card number is valid and it's successfully encrypted, the number itself is "wiped from memory". Furthermore, we never send credit card numbers back to the browser, not even over a secure channel.


All information that we collect in the normal course of your usage of this site is held in strict confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances. We are not in the business of selling information.

More information?

Should you require further information regarding either Security and/or Privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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