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BC16-100V - Electric Bolt Cutters  (AC100V 50/60Hz)
Japanese Standard 100V
  • Makes light work of cutting container seals
  • Blade construction: powder high-speed steel with titanium coating
  • Cutting capacity: diameter 6mm(1/4")-16mm(5/8")
  • Cuts tempered steel bars
  • Cutting time: 4 seconds
  • Output pressure: 11tonf
  • Double insulated construction reduces the risk of electric shock
  • Adjustable head: turns 180 degrees
  • Weighs just 8.1kg
  • Includes ergonomic shoulder strap
Electric Bolt Cutters
Made in Japan
Demonstration video:
BC16-100V - Electric Bolt Cutters  (AC100V 50/60Hz)
Includes the following:
  • carry case, 1 pce
  • shoulder strap, 1 pce
  • bolt cutter, BC-350 (6 mm), 1 pce
  • handle, 1 pce
  • hand guard assembly:
    1. hand guard, 1 pce
    2. spanner, 1 pce
    3. fixing bolt, 1 pce
  • spare blade, 1 set
    1. upper blade, 1 pce
    2. lower blade, 1 pce
    3. allen wrench, 1 pce
    4. fixing screws, 2 pcs


Technical Data
(also available in PDF)

Electrical Input

AC100V 50/60Hz

Current Rating (amperes)

8.0A (AC100V)

Power Consumption


Output Pressure



Powder high-speed steel with Titanium Coating



Electric Cord Length


Cutting Capacity

diameter 6mm(1/4")-16mm(5/8")

Cutting Time

4 seconds

Electrical Input

AC100V 50/60Hz

Plug type - Japanese Standard
(Where necessary, use an appropriate adaptor made for the plug-type illustrated here.)

AC100V 50/60Hz

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Download PDF-Version: bc16-08_en.pdf
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